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rebel rouser programme

it’s another beautiful day & 82 degrees of opportunity...



2021, right?

what's going on?

the future is uncertain.

the rules are changing.

a big shout out 


to all the people out there who are speeding headlong at breakneck speed towards a midlife crisis.

and to all of you who are getting uncomfortable at living in a comfort zone while the world is changing around you….

we can totally relate. 

but we're here experimenting.

trying new stuff.

battling our insecurities.

exploring ways we can be better for the planet.

trying to shrug off embarrassment.

sucking up failure.

learning cool, new stuff about ourselves.

evolving beyond our comfort zone.

reinventing midlife.

like our life depends on it.

rebel rouser is a space & community where you can:

develop an experimental mindset &

challenge yourself

put yourself first

give yourself permission & time to think

find out more about who you are deep down

experiment & try lots of new stuff

evolve past your comfort zone

grow on lots of levels

redefine & design your cool, new future


want in on this?

the future belongs to

rebel rousers. 

if you want to join a small crew of like-minded people in our community where you can come to experiment, figure out what it is you really want, do good-planet stuff, explore, play, fail, grow, feel uncomfortable, get challenged, accept yourself 100%, be supported and ultimately create meaningful change that will last you a life-time, you're in the right place.

your best future is created when you experiment.

how does it work?

perhaps you're vibing with our words.

you know there's more you have to do yet. and you're struggling.

maybe you're struggling to find the time, energy, accountability, creativity, focus and/or space to move forwards with your life.

and you like what we're doing.

what we're trying to do.

success comes, not from persistence, but from persistently experimenting, improving, creating and inventing.

90 days to shape a

brand-spanking new future.

design your future

  • your crystal ball

    rebel rouser

    experiment your way to a brave new world.
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 months membership
    • a curated self-diagnostic assessment + comprehensive report
    • entrance to our pleasuredome, a space to experiment
    • a range of fun experiments + check-ins
    • support from your small, committed, beautiful community + us
    • a total of 5 exclusive modules
    • weekly + monthly accountability
    • personal transformation - how much depends on you

**gotta say though, we are

not for everybody. 

if you already know where you're at. where you're headed. creating health, wealth & personal happiness. helping make the world a slightly better place. we definitely aren't for you. we could learn a whole heap from you actually. (if you ever want to share that knowhow with others, you'd be welcome as a guest on our boring sunday podcast).

not sure you're ready to go steady just yet?

maybe you want to get to know us a bit better?


read our latest news


check out 

the podcast


but who do we think we are?

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