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nerd's guide to experimenting


....for those of us who take a scientific approach to life…


here's da rules...

1  question everything

2  question yourself

3  be impartial

4  think hypothetically (kind of like a giant “What If” dude)

5  predict the outcomes

6  do your experiments

7  analyse the results

8  solve the problem


ok, so imagine Angry Nerd in a Science or Chemistry lesson being presented with this observation: switch on your table lamp but it doesn’t work...


“Fuck’s sake. What’s wrong with it now?” 



“Aaargh, not the bulb again? I only changed it the other week.”  



“OK, so I’m gonna make sure that it’s a new bulb, not some crock of shit from the bottom of the box. Then it’s gonna work. Right?” 




Angry Nerd replaces the bulb with a new one and tries to switch it on again. 



Now this could go either of two ways….hold your horses, Angry Nerd..


If the lamp switches on, your hypothesis was spot on and you can sit down and watch Sexy Beast pretending to be Don Logan (dream on, Nerd). 





If the lamp doesn’t switch on, you need to think again, Nerdy 




Think of another hypothesis – what else could be wrong with the lamp? Perhaps the switch is faulty ... 







Ok, so we’re using an example of a situation that most of us could do with our eyes shut, but this process is pretty much how we handle our daily stuff.


Soooooo.... can you apply this framework to unfucking something in your life?

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