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our promise

we offer a welcoming, supportive, space* where our members can experiment their asses off and prep themselves for stratospheric personal growth

*we like to call it the pleasuredome

our vibe

we experiment, try new stuff, put ourselves out there, see our failures as data, flaunt our flaws, have our tongue firmly lodged in cheek, play fast & loose with our self-esteem, take big fat risks & dabble outside our comfort zone.


to live life as an experiment & take others with us. 


at our core, we're powered by experimentation, creativity, boldness, cool vibes and a good 


our manifesto





1  it matters what we do with our life

2  be kind to yourself, your fellow humans + the planet


3  we inspire experimental mindsets


4  turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary life


5  live your life as an experiment

6  unfuck your life

7  the future is unwritten *

8  disrupt the status quo

9  embrace your waltmobile

10  come and join our party

* respect to Joe Strummer, RIP

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