we reckon having an experimental mindset is at the heart of living a satisfying, productive, fulfilling life. 

experimenter, first-ever dating photographer, wannabe baller, rule-breaker, goofball, business starter & creator.

my clubbing days came to end & i needed a distraction. a creative one.

one second-hand camera & short summer photography course later - I fell in love with creating images.


that summer changed my life. 

for years i wanted to be my own boss. 

in 2013 i took leave of my senses & then my job. i created hey saturday to see if i could. 

i thought i'd

'give therapy a go'.


 a couple of years later and i'mma digging deep into stuff around my identity. hardest but best thing ever.



shout out to richard, my (long-suffering) therapist.

umm...not all experiments go the way you want. but that's kinda the point. you have no idea what the outcome is going to be. 

i'm a failed mma fighter, ahem.

but love muay thai.

corporate whore fugitive, badass drummer, rebel leader, experimenter, artist-in-the-making & head nerd.

Cloud-floating liberation when I walked out the door for the last time. More cloud floating time, please.

Dusted off my AA road map (sorry, GPS) and drove The Ramonas around Germany for their mini-tour. Loads of fun, great people and great music.

Toughed things out to pull off the first few warm-up gigs for Raw Blue Wire.  

Diary extract:

"Feeling on top of the world. I needed this. I’ll take the small successes and chalk them up as reminders that I can do it."

Plucked up the (not fucking insignificant!) courage to play a cello for the first time in 30 years. OK, hella rusty, but hey, why not give it a go?


Spent some time in the recording studio, learning from the experts. Still clueless, though 🤷 

South London Arts Lab is an open arts collective that creates counter-culture art. I'm a co-founder and running its Academy workshops. We've done two online festivals and it's LOADS of fun with really great people.

(coming soon)