born to experiment

the story of hey sunday

the 4 second version

he's the

cool one

& she's the 

cooler one :) 


a true mullet partnership;

business up top,

party down below.

"hey sunday is the only agency that enables you to view the world through the sun-drenched haze of possibility, adventure & good times."

- saskia's mum

the 28 second version

hey sunday was born on the back of a scooter. on a road trip round ibiza. a whole dang vibe! 


we knew we needed to share the discovery & importance of nurturing an experimental mindset  to create big-ass, positive inner change.

 there's nothing better than a life filled with zero regrets, zero fucks, a tonne of self-growth, a bucket-load of indestructible self-belief and  a life-time full of cool road trips.

hello brave, new future. we've been waiting for you.

"the go-to agency that leads you to step into a bright, shiny future while nursing that chilled gin 'n' tonic, knowing that you've just lived another great day in your happy life"

- max, our postman.



** but...let's get real for a moment **

hello midlife crisis


one minute you're feeling trapped working for a bank. ignoring your underlying musical talent. you're caught up in the trappings of other people's ideas of success (him).




you're giving your all to a job but ignoring your love of photography. ignoring your need to be more creative. & your burning desire to work for yourself (her).

and then you have your wtf moment.

it's different for everyone. sometimes it's dramatic. a mental meltdown. an accident. a midlife crisis. or sometimes it's just a simple (but so very compelling) wake up call.


 but what do these moments have in common? 


they demand that you reevaluate your life.

but how do you go from your wtf moment to 

figuring out what next?


and then actually taking action?

dang, we reckon we've sussed it. and it's crazy powerful &

beautifully simple. 

that's not to say we're experts, we're not. the opposite actually. we're experimenters. we've figured out a simple way to create powerful, meaningful, life-affirming change. 


 adopt an experimental mindset. that's it. by doing this, you're literally giving yourself permission to side-step fear and give stuff a go. small stuff. important stuff. from that comes big change.

"hey sunday. do they make butter pies?" 

- giles' northern dad.

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