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the experimental mindset™ agency.




the nerd's guide to experimenting

the creative's guide

to experimenting (coming soon)

an experiential programme

designed to turn your midlife crisis into a

midlife motherforgettin' reinvention.

the world is shifting quickly.

technology & demographics are creating multi-stage lives.


and we now need different skills, habits, behaviours &

an experimental mindset to future-proof ourselves.

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the doodleblog
the podcast:
i wanna jump like Dee Dee

the brand-new podcast where i chat to some of the most creative musicians, producers & djs on the planet about how they use an experimental mindset to create amazing music.



it matters what we do with our life. 

 join us & our crew of experimenters.

do life differently. 


our experimental playlists, baby.

who does it better?