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hey sunday


the experimental mindset™ agency


have ya got the skillz to pay the billz?

the world is shifting quickly



tech & demographics are changing the way we live


more of us are living multi-stage lives


we need different skills, habits and behaviours

to do different things

and do things differently

it matters what we do with life

be kind to yourself, your fellow humans + the planet


find your inner experimenter


turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary life


live your life as an experiment

unfuck your life

the future is unwritten *

don't accept the status quo

embrace your waltmobile

* respect to Joe Strummer, RIP

the podcast

where i chat to some of the most creative musicians, producers & djs on the planet about how they use an experimental mindset in their lives to amplify their own creativity, pursue new challenges, overcome fears and bounce back from mistakes


don’t miss out on conversations that will inspire you to find your own experimental mindset

maybe a whole new and unexpected world will open up...

the doodleblog

some personal stories, stuff inspired by other people and stuff I think about


maybe it'll help you... 


updated periodically - inexcusable, really

"today's the day that we're closest to the sun"


the playlists, baby

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